Best Camera for Astrophotography 2020 [With Data Analysis]

best camera for astrophotography

Below we assess and recommend the best cameras for astrophotography based on analysis of what cameras are being used to produce the most successful astronomy images in 2020, as well as the recommendations from some of the world’s best astrophotographers in case studies on this website. In 2020, the best camera for astrophotography is the … Read more

RMG Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020: Data Analysis

The Royal Museums Greenwich Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest is one of the most prestigious astrophotography awards. Photographers from all around the world submit their images for consideration and the finalists and winners are announced once a year. This September 2020, all the shortlisted photos were released along with helpful information about how the … Read more

Best Telescope for Astrophotography [2020]

best telescope for astrophotography

In this article, we present the best telescope for astrophotography using a combination of data research and manufacturer recommendations. If you are looking for a quick recommendation, then the Celestron CGX-L 14-inch is your best option. It can be bought as a bundle, so you get everything you need in one. At-a-glance, our top three … Read more

Best star tracker for DSLR (iOptron vs Sky-Watcher vs Vixen)

best star tracker

Star trackers for DSLR cameras are a fantastic and relatively inexpensive way to improve your astrophotography. Star tracker camera mounts slowly move your camera at the speed of the rotation of the Earth. This allows you to have longer exposures and capture more light without blurring or star trails. The best star tracker for astrophotography … Read more

What is an astro modified DSLR camera? (and how to get one)

infrared astrophotography

Ever heard people talk about using an “astro modified” DSLR camera to improve their astrophotography? See here for example, from a post on reddit: You might have heard other terms thrown around like “full-spectrum camera conversion” or “IR modified camera”. But what does it mean, how does it affect astrophotography, and how to get an … Read more

Best lens for astrophotography [Top 5 for 2020]

best lens for astrophotography

What is the best lens for astrophotography? In this article, we analyze and recommend five of the most popular wide-angle lenses for night sky photography in 2019. To help truly find the best equipment with proven success, as part of our astrophotography masters series, we have asked some of the best photographers in the world what astrophotography … Read more

What equipment was used by the winners of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019?

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 equipment

Royal Museums Greenwich’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest is one of the most prestigious astrophotography competitions in the world. It has been running for 8 years, starting in 2012. Since the question that we get asked the most is “what equipment do I need for astrophotography?”, we thought it would be interesting to pull out … Read more

The death of the Nikon D810A (and the specialist astrophotography DSLR?)

The Nikon D810A was the most advanced in a limited range of DSLRs optimized for astrophotography by Nikon and Canon over the past decade. But has the D810A been discontinued and are DSLRs optimized for astrophotography a thing of the past? 1. What are specialist astrophotography DSLRs? Specialist astrophotography DSLRs are optimized for deep sky … Read more