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Making Astrophotography Easy

Astrophotography and Astronomy can be difficult, especially for a beginner.

The equipment is expensive, and there is so much to learn in terms of putting it all together.

There are plenty of great forums out there that share invaluable knowledge on these subjects but they often veer into advanced terminology all too quickly and assume too much.

Skies & Scopes aims to make all this easier and present what you need to know in accessible language.

We want to help you to take amazing night sky pictures and spend quality time stargazing.

We are focused on three main areas:


  • Step-by-step guides on how to photograph the stars and deep space objects based on expertise that comes from a network of world-leading astronomy photography experts.
  • Showcasing the work of some of the best astrophotographers in the world to understand how they do what they do so well. We have interviews with some of the best, including Michael Ver Sprill, Ken Crawford, Daniel Stein, and many more.
  • Conducting objective research to make product recommendations on cameras, telescopes and other gear. This research has been cited by leading publications like Digital Camera World, DIY Photography, and PetaPixel.


  • Guides to help you get started in astronomy and stargaze.
  • Reviewing and assessing the latest telescopes and other astronomy gear to give you what they need to know when buying in your budget.
  • In-depth research in specific astronomical phenomena, objects, and events.

Sales & Gifts

  • Buying guides to help you find the right gear for you and your budget.
  • Recommending the best deals during seasonal sales events.

Skies & Scopes has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo!, PetaPixel, Digital Camera World, DIY Photography, Popular Photography, Gadget Review, Slash Gear, NASA’s Astronomy Photograph of the Day (APOD), and many more publications and outlets.

Skies & Scopes references

Our objective research on equipment has also been cited by leading astrophotographers like Alyn Wallace:

Meet the Team

Anthony Robinson is the founder of Skies & Scopes and writes all the content.

He got started with DSLR photography around 2010, took to astrophotography in 2016, and then founded Skies & Scopes in 2017.

He has been practicing and writing obsessively about astrophotography and astronomy ever since and has written for Amateur Astrophotography and Dark Sky Travels magazines.

He is particularly obsessive about researching gear and is known to spend far too long procrastinating on a buying decision rather than pressing head. This, therefore, lent itself well to creating in-depth objective research for others. His mission is to make astrophotography more accessible to everyone.

You can contact him at anthony@skiesandscopes.com and find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Editorial Guidelines – Why You Can Trust Us

We are an independent astrophotography-focused publication that conducts objective research to make product recommendations.

Our goal is to provide you with the most reliable information to make the most informed decisions about your next astronomy and astrophotography gear purchases, as well as provide educational content on these pursuits.

All individual product reviews are conducted with the product in hand. For example, Celestron SkyMaster 20×80 Binoculars Review.

All equipment comparisons and recommendations are based on unique and objective analysis.

For example, Best Cameras for Astrophotography and Best Telescopes for Astrophotography are based on our unique data analysis of what equipment was used to take nearly 700 images shortlisted for the Astronomy Photography of the Year competition.

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