About Skies & Scopes

Hi, I’m Anthony, founder of Skies & Scopes.

I started this website in 2017 with the intention of sharing my astrophotography journey. I like to delve deep into whatever I’m focused on – especially if it involves making a decision on spending money on equipment!

I’ve now written for Amateur Astrophotography and Dark Sky Travels magazines, been featured in Forbes, PetaPixel, Digital Camera World, and NASA’s Astronomy Photograph of the Day (APOD) site.

The pieces on this site are written to document my quest to take great pictures of the night sky and stars – whilst spending the smallest amount possible – and helping others do the same.

Everything on this website is based either on my own trial-and-error learnings, interviewing other successful astrophotographers, and good old fashioned research from books, videos, and other online resources.

Content for Skies & Scopes is focused on two main areas:

1. Astrophotography

We provide step-by-step guides to things like how to photograph the stars and deep space objects based on expertise that comes from a network of world-leading astronomy photography experts.

We showcase the work of some of these expert astrophotographers to understand how they do what they do so well and share what we can learn from them.

2. Astronomy

Articles to help you learn astronomy and how to stargaze. 

We review and assess the latest astronomy gear to give people what they need to know when buying and to recommend the best value equipment for all budgets.

All recommendations are based on personal experience and/or conversations and research done with experts in the field.


Contact the editor

If you have any questions about Skies & Scopes, please contact Anthony, Editor-in-Chief at anthony@skiesandscopes.com or via the channels on our contact page.

If you would like to write for Skies & Scopes then please get in touch. We will promote other websites or products only if they are genuinely good and help people learn (and we accept no incentive for this).

If you would like to showcase an astronomy photo you have taken, then please also get in touch. Again, we love to do this with people that are happy to share their techniques and learnings (again, we accept no incentive for this).

We do review and recommend products. Depending on what it is, we may receive an affiliate income for referring you to a retailer. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

We have previously allowed advertising on some pages of the website (although currently do not). If you see an inappropriate advert, please get in touch and we will make sure that they do not appear again. Money raised from these sources helps cover the costs of running the website and we are grateful for your support.

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