What Are The Dwarf 2 Accessories For? (Plus Extras to Buy)

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Dwarf 2 Accessories

When buying a Dwarf 2 smart telescope, you can go for either the classic or deluxe package. These include the same smart telescope but come with different accessories (see here for more on this: Dwarf 2 Classic vs Deluxe).

But what are all the Dwarf 2 accessories for? Can you use accessories from other brands rather than direct from Dwarflab? Are there other accessories available to buy to use with your Dwarf 2 telescope?

In this article, I answer all these questions. Let’s get into it.

Dwarf 2 accessories

These first accessories all come with the Dwarf II Deluxe package or can be bought separately from Dwarflab and other retailers.

Dwarf 2 Carry Case

dwarf 2 carry case

The included carry case is excellent. The Dwarf 2 fits in safely and snuggly and it feels of good quality. It also comes with a detachable strap.

Dwarf 2 Tripod

dwarf 2 tripod

The tripod included is a mini tabletop tripod. It is of good quality and is great for using on a raised surface (like a table, obviously).

The Dwarf 2 can be fitted on to any regular camera tripod with the standard thread/screw.

Dwarf 2 UHC Filter

dwarf 2 uhc filter

UHC (Ultra High Contrast) filters are used to enhance the contrast and detail, and reduce light pollution when deep sky imaging with the Dwarf 2. This filter is specially designed for the Dwarf II.

Dwarf 2 ND Filter

dwarf 2 nd filter

ND (Neutral Density) filters are used when photographing the sen. They reduce exposure to light to improve the photo quality and allow the sun to appear in a natural orange color when shooting through the DWARF II.

DwarfLab includes a set of two identical ND filters in the Deluxe package (and for sale separately). These are for the wide-angle and telephoto lenses and you need to use both of these when shooting the sun or it may cause damage to the sensor.

Dwarf 2 Filter Adapter

dwarf 2 filter adapter

The Dwarf 2 filter adapter is used for fitting the ND and UHC filters.

It attaches magnetically to the surface of the lens protection glass on the telescope. Then there are two 1.25″ screw threads where the filters can attach.

The adapter is clearly labeled to indicate which threaded hole is for the telephoto lens and which is for the wide-angle lens.

Dwarf 2 Micro SD Card

dwarf 2 Micro SD Card

This is a standard camera SD card for memory.

TinyScope Mobile Microscope

dwarf 2 tinyscope mobile microscope

This is not actually listed as a Dwarf 2 accessory that comes in the Deluxe package, nor is it actually a Dwarf 2 accessory – it’s an adapter to turn your smartphone into a microscope.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think Dwarflab was previously Tinyscope before they pivoted and moved into smart telescopes. There is a Tinyscope website here where you can apparently buy this component for around $30-$40.

I’m assuming Dwarflab have been adding them to the sales of the Dwarf II as a freebie, and so probably best not to assume that you’ll get one when ordering.

I’ll confess that I’ve not actually tried it out yet, but here is a video below that demonstrates how to use it:

Dwarf 2 Battery

dwarf 2 replaceable battery

The 5600mAh lithium battery is only compatible with the DWARF II telescope. One full charge provides three to four hours of working time.

The Classic package comes with one included battery, the Deluxe package has an additional spare one. Dwarflabs also sell spares separately.

3D Printed Dwarf II Accessories

In addition to the “official” Dwarf 2 accessories, there are a number of components that users have designed and created themselves with the use of 3D printers that are for sale.

These don’t come with the Deluxe Dwarf 2 package, nor are available to buy as an accessories from Dwarflab, but rather can be found on outlets like Etsy and Ebay.

3D printing guides can also be found in the files section of this Dwarf 2 users Facebook Group.

Dwarf 2 Bahtinov Mask

dwarf 2 bahtinov mask

This is a 3D printed Bahtinov Masks to use with the Dwarf 2 that is on sale on Etsy.

A Bahtinov mask is a device that helps focus telescopes for astrophotography, especially smaller telescopes, and is a good way to achieve sharp focus on the stars or other celestial objects.

A Bahtinov mask has a unique set of grids with cuts that are oriented along different directions. There are three grids on the mask, and their arrangement allows the user to fine-tune the focus of the telescope. By covering the telescope’s objective with the mask and pointing it at a bright star, the mask creates a diffraction pattern. This pattern is used to adjust the focus until the desired sharpness is achieved.

Dwarf 2 Base Plate Saver

dwarf 2 base plate saver

A base plate saver is designed to help mount the Dwarf 2 onto a tripod.

This one is for sale on Etsy here.

Dwarf 2 Polar Alignment Scope

Dwarf 2 Polar Alignment Scope

This is tool to help polar aligning the Dwarf II. It slips onto the side of Dwarf II and allows easily alignment with Polaris for equatorial setup.

This model pictured can be found on Ebay.

Dwarf 2 EQ Support Cradle

Dwarf 2 EQ Support Cradle

This is a cradle to support the Azimuth motor and gears when using the Dwarf ii Telescope equatorially aligned.

The 3D printing files for this can be found here.

Any Questions about the Dwarf II Accessories?

If you have any questions about any or this, or have spotted some with Dwarf 2 accessories, then please let me know in the comments.

The official Dwarflab accessories page can be found here.

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