How-to guides, case studies, and equipment recommendations to help you take amazing photos of the stars, planets and other objects in space.

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Astrophotography case studies

  • Daniel Stein – how to photograph the Milky Way in New York.
  • TolgaAstro – capturing the Andromeda galaxy.
  • Deep Sky West – how two friends build a remote astrophotography observatory.
  • Josh Sweet – how to create an astrophotography panorama.
  • Abdul Dremali – how he captured Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the Milky Way in one picture.
  • Laura Krause – shooting the stars in the Los Angeles desert
  • Michael Ver Sprill – capturing the Milky Way in Washington.
  • Leonardo Orazi – Milky Way and deep-sky astrophotography in Italy.
  • Connor Matherne – deep sky and Milky way astrophotography in Colorado.
  • Talman Madsen – photographing the Milky Way from New Zealand.
  • Ken Crawford – how to photograph the Horsehead nebula.
  • Ivan Slade – photographing the Milky Way from Australia.
  • Marcus Cote – how to shoot a Milky Way selfie.