Dwarf 2 Classic vs Deluxe – Verdict: Buy the Classic!

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dwarf 2 classic vs deluxe

The Dwarf 2 smart telescope comes in two packages – but what is the difference and what’s right for you?

Below we outline all the differences between the Dwarf 2 Classic vs Deluxe editions.

I have a Dwarf II and love it, but I wanted to run the numbers to check whether it was actually worth paying more for the Deluxe edition.

My recommendation for most people is to go for the Classic package and add the accessories that you actually want. This will likely end up cheaper, although slightly less convenient.

Read on to understand why I am saying this, for more analysis of the differences between the packages, and to work out what’s right for you.

Dwarf 2 Classic Edition: Pros and Cons

dwarf 2 classic edition

The Dwarf 2 Classic and Deluxe are the same telescope – don’t worry about that.

The difference is that they come with different accessories.

The Classic package comes with:

  1. A good mini-tripod
  2. A perfect fit carry case
  3. A battery that is removable, replaceable, rechargeable
  4. A 64GB microSD card

You can save money by going for the Classic, but you might want the add-ons that come with the Deluxe. We dig into this below.

Dwarf 2 Deluxe Edition: Pros and Cons

dwarf 2 deluxe edition

The main pro of the Deluxe edition is that it comes with additional accessories.

The main con is that it costs more.

In terms of the accessories, it includes all of the above that come in the Classic package (tripod, bag, etc), but also includes:

  1. An extra battery
  2. A UHC filter
  3. Two ND solar filters
  4. A filter adapter

Let’s run through each of these so you know what they are for:

UHC Filter

Dwarf 2 UHC filter

A UHC (Ultra High Contrast) filter is used to enhance the contrast and detail you can capture in photographing certain faint celestial objects like nebulae with your Dwarf 2.

They also reduce light pollution by selectively transmitting certain wavelengths and block a good portion of unwanted light from artificial sources for those living in urban areas.

The UHC filter is definitely good to have, but you could definitely start imaging with your Dwarf 2 without one and add it later to see how it impacts your results.

ND Filter

dwarf 2 ND filter

An ND (Neutral Density) Solar Filter is a specialized type of optical filter that you will need if you want to photograph the sun with your Dwarf 2.

They are essential for capturing detailed images of the sun, including during solar eclipses.

They work by significantly reducing the amount of light entering the lens, allowing photography of the sun without overexposing the image or damaging the telescope, and maintaining a neutral color balance.

In short, you will need this if you want to try solar imaging with your Dwarf 2.

Filter Adapter

dwarf 2 filter adapter

The filter adapter is used for attaching the UHC or ND filters.

So you need it if you want to use the ND or UHC filters.

Extra Battery

This is a spare battery in addition to the one that comes as standard with the Classic package.

This is therefore not essential but may come in handy, especially if travelling with the Dwarf 2 or in any circumstances where it’s less easy to recharge as normal.

In addition, the cold can negatively affect battery performance and so this could be a useful accessory to have to hand when being used in colder climates where the runtime could be less than the expected three hours.

Dwarf II Classic vs Deluxe: Price Comparison

At the time of writing the prices are:

  • $459 for the Classic Edition
  • $595 for the Deluxe Edition

This means the Deluxe costs $136 more.

The additional Deluxe accessories can be bought separately from Dwarflab though, so let’s check what they cost:

  1. Extra battery – $59.99
  2. UHC filter – $34.99
  3. ND filter – $24.99
  4. Filter adapter – $19.99
Dwarf 2 accessories

This comes to a total of $139.96.

(Note these are at the time of writing and may change)

As you can see, this is a saving of around $4 when buying the Deluxe package versus buying the Classic and adding these accessories separately.

This is not a huge saving and so if price is an issue for you then it is worth thinking about whether the Classic is better for you.

For example:

  • Do you need the extra battery right now?
  • Do you need the ND filter for photographing the sun or will you be focused on astronomical objects in the night sky?
  • Do you want to have a go without the UHC filter first and maybe add it later?

Another thing to consider is shopping for UHC and ND filter from other outlets.

These are standard products and not bespoke to the Dwarf 2 and so you may already own one or both of them or you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere.

The filter adapter and the battery are specific for the Dwarf 2 though and so need to come from Dwarflab.

I guess there is also the risk that Dwarflab runs out of filter adapters and/or spare batteries to sell separately and so if this worries you then you might want to go for the Deluxe.

Verdict: Dwarf 2 Classic vs Deluxe

dwarf 2 deluxe vs classic

Overall, my recommendation for most is to at least think about going for the cheaper Classic edition and then adding on the other accessories separately, either when first buying or adding on later.

Obviously, this adds a degree of work and for many it might just make sense to buy the Deluxe package and not have to think about it any more.

It’s really a price versus convenience choice.

The younger me would have loved saving a few dollars and going for the cheaper option. The older me now values time and convenience more and so would go for the Deluxe! It just depends on where you are in life right now.

They are both the same telescope with the same performance. The accessories do add value, but you might not need them all at the same time.

Just to note that obviously these prices are subject to change over time and we aren’t factoring in any seasonal sales, so please check this with the links below to get the live prices.

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  • Great value at a budget price
  • Light and portable - easy to store and travel with
  • Limited image quality with relatively low aperture
  • Not good for planetary imaging with short focal length
  • Slightly fiddly setup and calibration processes
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I hope that this analysis was useful to you and might help you make up your mind. Let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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