Best Smart Telescopes (Stellina vs eVscope 2 vs eQuinox 2 vs Vespera)

The new trend disrupting telescopes is hybrid smart telescopes that have cameras built in. They are operated by your smartphone and make astrophotography easy, plus they provide an answer to the problem of light pollution for astronomy in cities. Right now there are six models that you can buy, each with its pros and cons: … Read more

Is Higher Aperture Better? (Telescopes vs Camera Lenses)

If you are confused about aperture don’t worry, it is a fairly muddled concept. It is a term used differently for telescopes and camera lenses, despite them being very similar optical devices. In this article, we hope to quickly and clearly clarify this. Aperture in Telescopes To read more on this, see What is Telescope … Read more

What is Telescope Aperture? (and What Do You Need?)

The specifications of a telescope are confusing – aperture, focal length, magnification? Just what matters and what tells you how good a telescope actually is? Well, Aperture is probably the most important thing you should pay attention to when buying a telescope. But what is telescope aperture and what is a good aperture for a … Read more

What Are Telescope Mount Encoders (and Which Models Have Them)?

You may have seen telescope mounts boast that they are with encoders or absolute encoders. But what does this mean and is it something you need? In this article we are going to investigate and try and answer the questions: What Are Encoders? We are not going to go too much deeper into this as … Read more

What is a Harmonic Drive Telescope Mount? (and Should You Get One?)

Harmonic Drive Telescope Mounts are disrupting the astronomy and astrophotography world. Previously, German Equatorial Mounts were the obvious choice for astrophotographers, with Alt-Azimuth mounts dominant for astronomy. But the Harmonic Drive Mount is becoming increasingly popular, with more models entering the market and prices coming down. They are small, light, accurate, and require no counterweights. … Read more

What is a GOTO Telescope? (And Should You Buy One?)

When looking to buy a telescope you will likely notice that many label themselves as “GOTO Telescopes”. But what does this mean and is it something that you need? Read on to find out. What is a GOTO Telescope? GOTO Telescopes are packages containing: Plus likely also some accessories like eyepieces and barlow lenses. Therefore … Read more

Altazimuth vs Equatorial Mount: What is Best for You?

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When most people think about getting a piece of equipment for viewing the night sky they assume that they need a telescope. However, binoculars have a number of advantages that can make them a good option to telescopes for many people. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of binoculars vs telescopes to … Read more

Monocular vs Telescope: What are the Differences?

Monoculars and telescopes are similar optical devices but are ultimately quite different and suit different purposes. In this article we investigate the differences between telescopes and monoculars and identify what each is best for. What is the Difference Between a Telescope and a Monocular? A telescope is an optical device that uses lenses, mirrors, or … Read more

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Monoculars vs Binoculars for Astronomy: Which is Best?

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The Most Powerful Telescopes You Can Buy in 2023 (In-Stock)

*This website makes money through affiliate commissions. This means we may be compensated if you click links on this page at no extra cost to you. The most powerful telescopes you can buy to use at home will have an aperture of 8 inches to 12 inches. This is the best measurement of the power … Read more

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Refractor vs Reflector Telescopes: What is Best? [Pros and Cons]

One of the first questions when considering a telescope is what is best: refractor vs reflector. Although this is the most common debate, there are actually 3 main types of telescope: Below we consider the pros and cons of each and recommend what telescope type is best for a beginner. Refractor Telescopes Refractor telescopes (often … Read more

What is Electronically Assisted Astronomy? (Beginners Guide to EAA)

This is our introduction to Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA), covering: Read on to find out more. What is Electronically Assisted Astronomy? Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA) is a form of observational astronomy with a telescope that uses a camera instead of an eyepiece. The camera captures a sequence of short exposures, then software stacks and processes … Read more

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Celestron StarSense Explorer: 8 Models Compared (2023)

The new Celestron StarSense Explorer telescopes use your smartphone to make it much easier to find planets, galaxies, and other objects to look at. This helps remove much of the frustration that can occur when starting with astronomy – that it is too hard and takes too long to find things to look at. But … Read more

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Spotting Scopes vs Binoculars for Astronomy: Which is Best? (2023)

The main difference between spotting scopes and binoculars is that binoculars allow you to use both your eyes, whilst with spotting scopes you use just one. However, spotting scopes do have some advantages depending on what you want to use them for. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of spotting scopes vs … Read more

Why Are Telescopes So Expensive? (2023)

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How Much Does a Good Telescope Cost? (2023 Price Guide)

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5 Best Barlow Lenses for Your Telescope 2023 (2x, 3x and 5x)

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Best Computerized Telescopes (2023) – GOTO Auto Tracking

With Computerized Telescopes, you can find stars, planets, galaxies, and more at the press of a button. Also known as GOTO or Computer-Controlled Telescopes, they are much easier to use for beginners and experienced users alike, and find amazing objects in space for you to view much quicker. We have examined here the Best Computerized … Read more

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Maksutov-Cassegrain vs Schmidt-Cassegrain (Which is Best for You?)

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Best Binoculars for Astronomy & Stargazing (2023 Buyers Guide)

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Best Spotting Scopes for Astronomy [2023 Buyers Guide]

There are many advantages to using a spotting scope over a telescope for astronomy – it is often a much simpler affair with fewer accessories involved, you have something versatile for daytime and night sky use, and they tend to be cheaper. In this article, we have researched the best spotting scopes for astronomy and … Read more

Best Monoculars for Stargazing & Astrophotography [2023]

Primarily for wildlife viewing, hunting and daytime observing, monoculars and small handheld telescopes can also be great for astronomy and even astrophotography. They are ultra-compact and light as well as being easy to use, and so have many advantages over telescopes and binoculars, particularly when traveling. Here we recommend the best monoculars for stargazing for … Read more

Best Telescope for Beginners [2023 Buyers Guide]

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Best Telescopes for Kids, Teenagers & Families (2023)

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What is Night Vision Astronomy? (Beginners’ Guide to NVA)

Night Vision Astronomy is the repurposing of night vision devices and technology for astronomical observing. Using these devices lights up the sky and enables you to see much more than you would otherwise – either with the naked eye or with a telescope under comparable conditions. It can be utilized for both wide-field stargazing and … Read more

Telescope Brands: Which Are Best and Which to Avoid? (2023)

When researching and buying a telescope, choosing one from a reputable brand can be a good way of ensuring you get a quality product. On the other hand, there seemingly good value telescopes available for sale from unknown brands. Should these be avoided or are they bargains? We dig into this below. Reputable telescope brands … Read more