Richard J Bartlett

Astronomy Writer


  • Prolific author with over 50 published books on astronomy.
  • Featured writer for renowned astronomy outlets like High Point Scientific and Astronomy magazine.
  • Decades of hands-on astronomy experience with telescopes and other gear offer beginners a unique and practical perspective.


  • Richard J. Bartlett is a passionate astronomy enthusiast with decades of experience. His extensive portfolio includes over 50 published books on the subject, including The Easy Guide to the Night Sky: Discovering the Constellations with Your Eyes and Binoculars.
  • He is a writer for the website of High Point Scientific - the largest retailer of astronomical equipment on the east coast of the USA, as well as for other popular astronomy websites.
  • He previously wrote a monthly column in Astronomy magazine. His first website, StarLore, was featured in Sky & Telescope in 2001.
  • Originally from England, Richard made the US his home in 2004 and now resides in sunny California. When he's not gazing at the stars or writing about them, he's working on his new website, Stars 'n Stuff.

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