When was the Big Bang?

when was the big bang

The origins of the universe have long been a hot topic of conversation among our greatest minds, and the big bang is a firm favorite for reconstructing our planet’s timeline. Still, surprisingly few of us understand what the big bang was and, more importantly, when cosmologists think it happened.   Understanding the big bang Before … Read more

Terraforming Planets (the ultimate guide)


In grand science-fiction fantasies, we imagine a universe dotted with planets that are perfectly capable of supporting human life. We have a vast assortment of planets from which to choose, and humans hop and skip from one hospitable globe to another, depending on their preferences. This will be a reality some day. Right? Well…maybe. In … Read more

Top 10 Scary Space Facts!

scary space facts

Space is a vast and scary place that’s almost too big for our brains to comprehend. While we like to think of it as a mysterious and exciting thing, the reality is that space is pretty scary. Here are ten space facts that will blow your mind and creep you out:   1. Skin peels … Read more

How many habitable planets are there?

How many habitable planets are there?

At some point in the future, human beings will likely need to find another planet to live on in order to continue as a species. This means either creating a planet that’s habitable or finding and migrating to one that’s already out there. But how many habitable planets are there out in space? Like most … Read more

Is Pluto a planet? (2019 update)

pluto planet

One of the biggest areas of confusion and debate around the planets of our solar system is whether or not Pluto is a planet. Read below for the definitive and up-to-date answer in 2019. 1. Is Pluto a planet? So let’s get straight to it – no, Pluto is not a planet. It used to … Read more

Facts about Planet Jupiter

jupiter facts

The largest planet in the solar system and the third brightest object when viewed from Earth, Jupiter is as easy to spot as the Moon and Venus in the night sky. Known for its Great Red Spot and distinct coloured stripes, this planet is a mass of swirling gas. Below we go through some interesting … Read more

Facts about Planet Venus (everything you need to know)

venus facts

If you are after Venus facts and information, then you’re in the right place! Venus is the second closely located planet from the Sun – situated between Mercury and Earth. And it’s the second biggest terrestrial planet, after Earth. The first records of the planet go back to 17th century BC, recorded by Babylonian astronomers. … Read more

Neptune facts: Information about Planet Neptune

neptune facts

Big blue planet Neptune is the 4th largest planet in our Solar System, but some lesser known Neptune facts are that it has rings and that it has a moon with the potential to harbor life. Read on to learn more about Neptune, its little-know rings and it’s intriguing moon, Triton. Neptune: Ice Giant Like … Read more