Refractor vs Reflector telescopes: what is best?

Refractor vs Reflector

One of the first questions when considering a telescope is what is best: refractor vs reflector. Although this is the most common debate, there are actually 3 main types of telescope: Refractor telescopes Reflector telescopes Catadioptric telescopes Below we consider the pros and cons of each and recommend what telescope type is best for a … Read more

Best Astronomy Binoculars [2020]

best astronomy binoculars

Astronomy binoculars make for a great alternative to telescopes. They are generally smaller, more portable, easier to use, and cheaper. The Celestron SkyMaster Binoculars are a perfect option that will work for both beginners and more advanced users. Below are a number of great models for stargazing, from cheaper beginner options, to more advanced pairs … Read more

What telescope brands are reputable (and which to avoid)?

telescope brands

Reputable telescope brands and manufacturers There are four major brands known for retailing reliable, quality telescopes. These are: Celestron Meade Instruments Orion Sky-Watcher This is not to say that every telescope made by these manufacturers will be great. Or that a telescope made by other brands will be poor, but these are arguably the most … Read more

Best intermediate telescopes [2020]

best intermediate telescopes

If you are looking for an intermediate-level telescope that you can push for great night sky viewing capabilities then we’ve picked out a few great options for you here. See the at-a-glance table below: Please read the detailed reviews below for more information about each model.   What are the best intermediate telescopes? More serious … Read more

Best computerized telescope [2019 buying guide]

best computerized telescope

Computerized telescopes can be fantastic for beginners or experienced stargazers alike. With a computerized telescope, a computer is in-built into the telescope and locates the planets, galaxies and other objects that you want to see for you. This contrasts to a regular telescope where you need to locate the objects manually. Computerized telescopes (also known … Read more

Famous astronomers: a list of history’s greatest astronomers and their contributions

famous astronomers

A history of famous astronomers is really a history of the development of human civilization. About 200,000 years ago, the first of our species evolved but it is only in the past few thousand years that we have been able to record history and make huge technological leaps. The first astronomers were the first people … Read more