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Astrophotography Gear Guides

Best Camera for Astrophotography

Find the best cameras for shooting the stars

Best Mount for Astrophotography

Telescope mounts for DSO imaging

Best Lens for Astrophotography

Calculating the best focal length for astro

Best Star Trackers for Cameras

Take your shots to the next level by tracking the stars

Best Tripod for Astrophotography

A sturdy tripod is essential for astrophotography

Best Telescope for Astrophotography

Find the right imaging telescope

Telescope & Binocular Buying Guides

Best Telescopes for Beginners

Our guide for first-time buyers

Best Astronomy Binoculars

Get stargazing with a pair of binoculars

The Most Powerful Telescope you can buy

What is the very best you can get?

Astrophotography Tutorials

Beginners’ Guide to Astrophotography

All you need to know to get started today

Best Apps for Astrophotography

Get the right apps to help you plan and shoot

Smartphone Astrophotography

How to get amazing pictures with your phone

Astrophotography Case Studies

Daniel Stein

Learn to shoot the Milky Way with a master

Talman Madsen

New Zealand Milky Way photography

Ken Crawford

Shooting galaxies and the deep sky

Marcus Cote

How to shoot a Milky Way selfie!

Abdul Dremali

Capturing Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and more!

Ivan Slade

Shooting the stars in Australia