Best lens for astrophotography [Top 5 for 2020]

best lens for astrophotography

What is the best lens for astrophotography? In this article, we analyze and recommend five of the most popular wide-angle lenses for night sky photography in 2020. To help truly find the best equipment with proven success, as part of our astrophotography masters series, we have asked some of the best photographers in the world what astrophotography … Read more

Black Friday Telescope & Camera Deals 2020

The holiday sales for 2020 have started! See below for some deals on cameras, lenses, telescopes, and astronomy binoculars this year. Black Friday 2020 telescope deals Celestron 70mm Travelscope Celestron are one of the best telescope manufacturers in the world and this Celestron Travelscope is great beginner telescope on sale that works perfectly for indoor … Read more

Amazon Prime Day 2020 [best camera & telescope deals – UPDATED]

amazon prime day camera deals

Amazon Prime Day 2020 has now passed so check out the best deals from the holiday season sales: Black Friday 2020 Cyber Monday 2020 Please also see our astronomy and astrophotography equipment buying guides: Best telescopes for beginners Best telescopes for kids Best intermediate telescopes Most powerful telescope you can buy Best telescopes for astrophotography … Read more

Best Camera for Astrophotography 2020 [With Data Analysis]

best camera for astrophotography

Below we assess and recommend the best cameras for astrophotography based on analysis of what cameras are being used to produce the most successful astronomy images in 2020, as well as the recommendations from some of the world’s best astrophotographers in case studies on this website. In 2020, the best camera for astrophotography is the … Read more

Great gifts for stargazers & astronomers [2020]

space gifts

As we head into the holiday season we bring to you a number of great space-related gift ideas for stargazers, space lovers and astronomers. Covering a range of budgets, these are gift suggestions for your grown-up friends and family this year. Gifts for stargazers 1. Astronomy calendar Get ready for 2021 with this astronomy calendar … Read more

Refractor vs Reflector telescopes: what is best?

Refractor vs Reflector

One of the first questions when considering a telescope is what is best: refractor vs reflector. Although this is the most common debate, there are actually 3 main types of telescope: Refractor telescopes Reflector telescopes Catadioptric telescopes Below we consider the pros and cons of each and recommend what telescope type is best for a … Read more

Cyber Monday Telescope & Camera deals 2020 [UPDATED]

The Cyber Monday 2020 sales are upcoming. It provides a great opportunity to get a bargain new telescope, binoculars, camera or other astrophotography or astronomy equipment. When is Cyber Monday 2020? This year, Cyber Monday will fall on 30 November 2020. It is always the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and in theory, marks the end … Read more

RMG Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020: Data Analysis

The Royal Museums Greenwich Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest is one of the most prestigious astrophotography awards. Photographers from all around the world submit their images for consideration and the finalists and winners are announced once a year. This September 2020, all the shortlisted photos were released along with helpful information about how the … Read more

Best Telescope for Astrophotography [2020]

best telescope for astrophotography

In this article, we present the best telescope for astrophotography using a combination of data research and manufacturer recommendations. If you are looking for a quick recommendation, then the Celestron CGX-L 14-inch is your best option. It can be bought as a bundle, so you get everything you need in one. At-a-glance, our top three … Read more

Best Astrophotography Apps (for brilliant night sky photography)

best astrophotography apps

Having the best astrophotography apps on your smartphone or tablet can be a fantastic and inexpensive shortcut towards nailing a great shot of the night sky. The difference between taking a great astronomy photograph or not can often be external factors, such as finding the right location, waiting for optimal conditions, and timing it right. … Read more

Best star tracker for DSLR (iOptron vs Sky-Watcher vs Vixen)

best star tracker

Star trackers for DSLR cameras are a fantastic and relatively inexpensive way to improve your astrophotography. Star tracker camera mounts slowly move your camera at the speed of the rotation of the Earth. This allows you to have longer exposures and capture more light without blurring or star trails. The best star tracker for astrophotography … Read more

Astrophotography: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide (2020)

beginners astrophotography

In this article, we will cover all you need to know to understand astrophotography as a beginner. Including what different types of astrophotography there are, what equipment you need, and how to learn to take stunning pictures of the night sky, planets, and more. Chapter 1: What is astrophotography and what different types are there? … Read more

What is an astro modified DSLR camera? (and how to get one)

infrared astrophotography

Ever heard people talk about using an “astro modified” DSLR camera to improve their astrophotography? See here for example, from a post on reddit: You might have heard other terms thrown around like “full-spectrum camera conversion” or “IR modified camera”. But what does it mean, how does it affect astrophotography, and how to get an … Read more

Best Astronomy Binoculars [2020]

best astronomy binoculars

Astronomy binoculars make for a great alternative to telescopes. They are generally smaller, more portable, easier to use, and cheaper. The Celestron SkyMaster Binoculars are a perfect option that will work for both beginners and more advanced users. Below are a number of great models for stargazing, from cheaper beginner options, to more advanced pairs … Read more

What equipment was used by the winners of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019?

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 equipment

Royal Museums Greenwich’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest is one of the most prestigious astrophotography competitions in the world. It has been running for 8 years, starting in 2012. Since the question that we get asked the most is “what equipment do I need for astrophotography?”, we thought it would be interesting to pull out … Read more

Amazing space posters you can buy in 2020

space posters

Make your home look stellar with these awesome space posters available for you to buy. Astronomy posters and space art like this make fantastic additions to bedrooms, studies, and living rooms for space-lovers. They make great gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Check out the selected space-themed posters below, and see also links to look for more … Read more

What telescope brands are reputable (and which to avoid)?

telescope brands

Reputable telescope brands and manufacturers There are four major brands known for retailing reliable, quality telescopes. These are: Celestron Meade Instruments Orion Sky-Watcher This is not to say that every telescope made by these manufacturers will be great. Or that a telescope made by other brands will be poor, but these are arguably the most … Read more

Best intermediate telescopes [2020]

best intermediate telescopes

If you are looking for an intermediate-level telescope that you can push for great night sky viewing capabilities then we’ve picked out a few great options for you here. See the at-a-glance table below: Please read the detailed reviews below for more information about each model.   What are the best intermediate telescopes? More serious … Read more

17 Best Space Gifts for Kids [2020]

space gifts for kids

In 2019, I became a very happy father for the first time (yay!) What I cannot wait to do is share my passion for all things astronomy. In reality, that means I get to use my kid as an excuse to buy a load of cool space toys! If you are looking for space toys … Read more

When was the Big Bang?

when was the big bang

The origins of the universe have long been a hot topic of conversation among our greatest minds, and the big bang is a firm favorite for reconstructing our planet’s timeline. Still, surprisingly few of us understand what the big bang was and, more importantly, when cosmologists think it happened.   Understanding the big bang Before … Read more

Terraforming Planets (the ultimate guide)


In grand science-fiction fantasies, we imagine a universe dotted with planets that are perfectly capable of supporting human life. We have a vast assortment of planets from which to choose, and humans hop and skip from one hospitable globe to another, depending on their preferences. This will be a reality some day. Right? Well…maybe. In … Read more

Best astronomy & space calendars (2020)

space calendar

A great gift for any astronomy-enthusiast is a space calendar. Below we pick out six of the best space calendars for 2020 that are available to buy now. Quick links to buy Best space calendars 2020 1. NASA Earth and Space 2020 Calendar   The Earth and Space 2020 calendar is the official calendar from … Read more

Best Astrophotography Books [Updated]

best astrophotography books

Below are 11 of the best astrophotography books you can buy – all are available on Amazon. Some suit beginners, whilst others are for intermediate or advanced astrophotographers shooting deep sky objects. Also included are a few books that are less instructional and just share amazing astronomy images. Best astrophotography books at-a-glance Astrophotography book reviews … Read more

Top 10 Scary Space Facts!

scary space facts

Space is a vast and scary place that’s almost too big for our brains to comprehend. While we like to think of it as a mysterious and exciting thing, the reality is that space is pretty scary. Here are ten space facts that will blow your mind and creep you out:   1. Skin peels … Read more

How many habitable planets are there?

How many habitable planets are there?

At some point in the future, human beings will likely need to find another planet to live on in order to continue as a species. This means either creating a planet that’s habitable or finding and migrating to one that’s already out there. But how many habitable planets are there out in space? Like most … Read more

The death of the Nikon D810A (and the specialist astrophotography DSLR?)

The Nikon D810A was the most advanced in a limited range of DSLRs optimized for astrophotography by Nikon and Canon over the past decade. But has the D810A been discontinued and are DSLRs optimized for astrophotography a thing of the past? 1. What are specialist astrophotography DSLRs? Specialist astrophotography DSLRs are optimized for deep sky … Read more

Is Pluto a planet? (2019 update)

pluto planet

One of the biggest areas of confusion and debate around the planets of our solar system is whether or not Pluto is a planet. Read below for the definitive and up-to-date answer in 2019. 1. Is Pluto a planet? So let’s get straight to it – no, Pluto is not a planet. It used to … Read more

Best computerized telescope [2019 buying guide]

best computerized telescope

Computerized telescopes can be fantastic for beginners or experienced stargazers alike. With a computerized telescope, a computer is in-built into the telescope and locates the planets, galaxies and other objects that you want to see for you. This contrasts to a regular telescope where you need to locate the objects manually. Computerized telescopes (also known … Read more

How I took my favorite astrophotography image – Daniel Stein

Daniel Stein Milky Way

In this article, we ask New Jersey photographer Daniel Stein a few questions about how he goes about taking his stunning astro images. In particular, we focus on this amazing picture below of the Milky Way reflecting in a glimmering pool of water atop Cascade Mountain in the Adirondacks, New York.   1. How did you … Read more

Deep Sky West: How two friends built a remote astrophotography observatory (and how you can too)

deep sky west

Deep Sky West is a remote astrophotography observatory in New Mexico, USA. It offers the opportunity for any astrophotographer around the world to use the site to access clear skies without the need to travel there, and to use advanced astronomy and photography equipment without the need to own it themselves. We talk to Lloyd … Read more

Josh Sweet – How I took this Astro Panaorma [Astrophotography Masters]

Josh Sweet Astro Panorama

Below, New Zealand’s Josh Sweet takes us through how he took this ‘astro panorama’ of the Milky Way, and he details his favorite astrophotography equipment, tools, and learning resources. How did you plan the shot? This shot wasn’t really planned. I knew I wanted to try and do a panorama but I didn’t know where to … Read more

Abdul Dremali: How I took this shot [astrophotography masters series]

Abdul Dremali astrophotography

In this article, we are extremely lucky to ask photographer Abdul Dremali a few questions about how he goes about his art. In particular, we ask him to examine how he took this amazing image from Monument Valley, which is on the Arizona-Utah state border in the US. This stunning picture includes Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, the … Read more

Leonardo Orazi: Learn from the Italian astrophotographer

Leonardo Orazi photography

Continuing our series of interviews with some of the world’s best astrophotographers, we talk to Italy’s Leonardo Orazi and ask how he goes about photographing the stars and deep space objects. Read below as he outlines how planning and composing his stunning images. How do you plan your shots? For planning my shots I use a … Read more

My Favorite Shot [By Astrophotographer Connor Matherne]

Connor Matherne

In this article, we are very lucky to have astrophotographer, astronomy and geologist Connor Matherne take us through how he took one of his favorite photos – the below shot of the Milky Way taken near Wixson Mountain, Colorado. He also profiles some of his other amazing work, including some mind-blowing animations. Enjoy! 1. How did … Read more

Instagram Astronomy (22 great astrophotographers you should follow)

instagram astronomy

Instagram is a great place to find both simple and mind-blowing images and there are some great astrophotographers sharing their work on there. This post brings together a list of some of the best amateur and professional photographers sharing the best astronomy images that you can follow on Instagram. 1. Sean Parker Sean Parker is … Read more

Facts about Planet Jupiter

jupiter facts

The largest planet in the solar system and the third brightest object when viewed from Earth, Jupiter is as easy to spot as the Moon and Venus in the night sky. Known for its Great Red Spot and distinct coloured stripes, this planet is a mass of swirling gas. Below we go through some interesting … Read more

Neptune facts: Information about Planet Neptune

neptune facts

Big blue planet Neptune is the 4th largest planet in our Solar System, but some lesser known Neptune facts are that it has rings and that it has a moon with the potential to harbor life. Read on to learn more about Neptune, its little-know rings and it’s intriguing moon, Triton. Neptune: Ice Giant Like … Read more

Famous astronomers: a list of history’s greatest astronomers and their contributions

famous astronomers

A history of famous astronomers is really a history of the development of human civilization. About 200,000 years ago, the first of our species evolved but it is only in the past few thousand years that we have been able to record history and make huge technological leaps. The first astronomers were the first people … Read more