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Astrophotography equipment

  • Best camera for astrophotography – see our up-to-date recommendations on the best DSLR and mirrorless cameras for photographing the stars.
  • Best lens for astrophotography – if you want to photograph the Milky Way, you’ll want a good quality wide angle lens like those featured in this article.
  • Best telescope for astrophotography – if you want a telescope that specializes in photographing space, then you’ll need something different than on that is mostly for viewing. See our recommendations here.
  • Best astrophotography mount – vitally important to accompany a telescope is a good quality mount that will allow you to find and track objects in the night sky.
  • Best star tracker for cameras – star trackers are amazing pieces of equipment that greatly aid Milky Way and other astrophotography. They allow your camera to track with the rotation of the Earth so you can have longer exposures without star trails.
  • Best camera tripods – a sturdy tripod is essential for astrophotography. You need to avoid any vibration ruining your long exposures.
  • Astro modified DSLR cameras – what are they and how to get one.
  • Astrophotography equipment [infographic] – check out our infographic for a clear overview of what equipment is needed for different types of astrophotography.