Learn about astrophotography from some of the best photographers in the world. Read step-by-step guides to how to take amazing pictures of the stars and night sky, as well as techniques for capturing galaxies, nebulae and deep sky objects (DSO).

5 08, 2018

11 Best Astrophotography Books [2018]

2018-08-15T12:28:15+00:00August 5th, 2018|

Ask pretty much any successful astrophotographer what the best way to learn is, and they will pretty much all say “just get out there and try”. Whilst there is no substitute to taking action and learning from your mistakes, this should be balanced with learning from others that know more than you and can help make [...]

22 07, 2018

Abdul Dremali: How I took this shot [astrophotography masters series]

2018-07-22T20:49:29+00:00July 22nd, 2018|

In this article, we are extremely lucky to ask photographer Abdul Dremali a few questions about how he goes about his art. In particular, we ask him to examine how he took this amazing image from Monument Valley, which is on the Arizona-Utah state border in the US. This stunning picture includes Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, the Milky [...]

29 06, 2018

5 best astrophotography apps (for brilliant night sky photography)

2018-06-29T16:03:44+00:00June 29th, 2018|

Having the best astrophotography apps on your smartphone or tablet can be a fantastic - and inexpensive - shortcut towards nailing a great shot of the night sky. The difference between taking a great night sky photograph or not can often be external factors, such as finding the right location, with optimal conditions, and timing it [...]

16 06, 2018

Shooting the night sky in the LA desert (by Laura Krause)

2018-06-16T08:27:11+00:00June 16th, 2018|

In the latest of our series of interviews with some of the world’s best night sky photographers, we talk to LA's Laura Krause. Read below as she outlines how she goes about shooting the stars whilst having fun the desert!   How do you plan your shots? I just started using Photopills which has been a [...]

9 06, 2018

Michael Ver Sprill: How I photograph the night sky

2018-06-09T08:08:34+00:00June 9th, 2018|

Continuing our series of interviews with some of the world's best astrophotographers, we talk to 'Milky Way Mike' - Michael Ver Sprill. Read below as he outlines how he took this photo of the Milky Way over the Palouse Falls in Washington State, USA. Palouse Falls, Washington (Credit: Michael Ver Sprill)   How did you [...]

4 06, 2018

Leonardo Orazi: Learn from the Italian astrophotographer

2018-08-11T06:48:52+00:00June 4th, 2018|

Continuing our series of interviews with some of the world's best astrophotographers, we talk to Italy's Leonardo Orazi and ask how he goes about photographing the stars and deep space objects. Read below as he outlines how planning and composing his stunning images. How do you plan your shots? For planning my shots I use a website [...]

12 05, 2018

My Favorite Shot [By Astrophotographer Connor Matherne]

2018-08-11T16:43:52+00:00May 12th, 2018|

In this article, we are very lucky to have astrophotographer, astronomy and geologist Connor Matherne take us through how he took one of his favorite photos - the below shot of the Milky Way taken near Wixson Mountain, Colorado. He also profiles some of his other amazing work, including some mind-blowing animations. Enjoy!   1. How did [...]

15 04, 2018

How to photograph the Horsehead Nebula [by Ken Crawford]

2018-08-11T06:23:11+00:00April 15th, 2018|

Ken Crawford is a leading astrophotographer who has had no less than 40 NASA Astronomy Pictures Of The Day! In this interview, he takes us through how he took one of his favorite shots - this picture of the Horsehead Nebula B33: Horsehead Nebula B33 (Credit: Ken Crawford)   1. How did you plan your [...]