Astrophotography GPT


Use the Skies & Scopes Astrophotography GPT chatbot to research conditions on weather and dark skies, optimize your settings, and get guidance on equipment and software.



Take advantage of ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence (AI) with the free Skies & Scopes Astrophotography GPT.

It is trained to answer your astrophotography related questions and only refer to trusted sources on the topic.

You can use it to:

  • Get up to date information on the moon phase and darkness of the night skies where you are
  • Get real-time weather forecasts on cloud conditions
  • Suggest nearby locations to access dark skies
  • Trouble-shoot specific cases using astrophotography equipment and software
  • Turn lengthy astrophotography video tutorials into concise step-by-step guides
  • Calculate your exposure time settings with the NPF rule
  • Draft captions for your astrophotography images to go on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc

And much more!

(Note: requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription)


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