Astrophotography Chrome Extension


Get reminders and information about upcoming new moon dates for night sky photography at the press of a button when using the Chrome web browser with our Astrophotography Chrome Extension.



Capture the night sky at its best with the free Skies & Scopes Astrophotography Chrome Extension.

Astrophotography enthusiasts, this extension is tailor-made for you! With the Astrophotography Planner you can effortlessly plan your night sky photography sessions around the new moon dates, ensuring you capture the cosmos in all its glory – all for free!

Key Features:

  • Upcoming New Moon Dates: At a glance, view the next three upcoming new moon dates, the best times for astrophotography.
  • Reminders: Never miss a perfect night! Set reminders to notify you a few days before the new moon.
  • Dark Sky Map Integration: Find areas with minimal light pollution using our integrated Dark Sky Map link.
  • Weather Forecast: Plan ahead with a direct link to long-range weather


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