Dwarf II vs Unistellar eQuinox: Battle of the Bargains!

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Dwarf II vs Unistellar eQuinox

Dwarf II vs Unistellar eQuinox: 10 Second Summary

  • The Dwarf II is much smaller and lighter than the Unistellar eQuinox, as well as being substantially cheaper.
  • It also has a higher resolution camera, but the telescope is much smaller in terms of aperture and focal length, and the user experience is not as slick as with the eQuinox.
  • The Unistellar eQuinox has a higher spec telescope with 4.5-inch aperture, with Unistellar models the UX is seamless, and you can join Citizen Astronomy initiatives.
  • However, it is much heavier and less portable, more expensive, and it was succeeded by the eQuinox 2 in 2023. It can still be bought though and often at a significantly reduced price which makes it a good option to get a premium smart telescope at a mid-range price.

Why choose the Dwarf II over the Unistellar eQuinox?

The Dwarf II is a compact, budget smart telescope from Chinese manufacturer Dwarflab:

  • It is small and light and comes with a perfect-fit carry case, and so is perfect for travel and convenient storage.
  • For a smart telescope it is cheap and much less expensive than the Unistellar eQuinox or any of the premium options.
  • On the downside the telescope specifications are lower than the eQuinox and the user experience is not as slick and seamless as with the Unistellar smart telescope options.

The Dwarf 2 is right for you if you want:

  1. An inexpensive option as a first smart telescope
  2. A portable option to easily move around with and store conveniently at home
  3. Both of these

Why choose the Unistellar eQuinox over the Dwarf II?

The Unistellar eQuinox is a premium smart telescope from French manufacturer Unistellar that was released in 2022:

  • Its telescope and camera specifications are very good and the user experience is slick and seamless.
  • With all Unistellar models you can take part in Citizen Astronomy initiatives and join missions to track asteroids and hunt exoplanets.

It was succeeded by the upgraded eQuinox 2 in 2023, which used the same OTA (the telescope tube) but with an improved camera.

On release it was in the premium price bracket but since the release of the eQuinox 2 it can usually be found substantially reduced.

The eQuinox therefore makes a great deal if you want a premium smart telescope at a mid-range price.

Telescope Specifications

The Dwarf II has 24mm (1 inch) aperture, 100mm focal length, f/4.2 focal ratio, and 3.2° × 1.6° field of view.

The Unistellar eQuinox has 114mm (4.5 inch) aperture, 450mm focal length, f/3.9 focal ratio, and 0.61° × 0.46° field of view.

Camera Specifications

The Dwarf II has a 8.3MP resolution camera of 3840 x 2160 size using a Sony IMX415 sensor and a pixel size of 1.45μm.

The Unistellar eQuinox has a 4.8MP resolution camera of 2240 x 2240 size using a Sony IMX224 sensor and a pixel size of 2.9μm.

Size and Weight

The Dwarf II weighs 1.2kg (2.6 lb) and has dimensions of 20 x 6 x 13 ((H x W x L in cm).

The Unistellar eQuinox weighs 8.9kg (19.8 lb) and has dimensions of 23 x 19 x 65 ((H x W x L in cm).

Price and Value for Money

The Dwarf II costs $459 or $595 depending on which package you go for (different accessories). The Unistellar eQuinox costs $1,599.

Note, these may vary so check the links to compare retailers if thinking about buying.


Dwarflab DWARF II Unistellar eQuinox
Year 2023 2022
Aperture 24mm (1 inch) 114mm (4.5 inch)
Focal Length 100mm 450mm
Focal Ratio f/4.2 f/3.9
Limiting Magnitude 9.6 12.98
OTA type Refractor Reflector
Eyepiece No No
Field of View 3.2° × 1.6° 0.61° × 0.46°
Resolution 8MP 4.8MP
Sensor Size 3840 x 2160 2240 x 2240
Sensor Sony IMX415 Sony IMX224
Pixel Size 1.45μm 2.9μm
Mosaic Mode No No
Size (H x W x L) cm 20 x 6 x 13 23 x 19 x 65
Weight 1.2kg (2.6 lb) 8.9kg (19.8 lb)
Mount Included Included
Tripod Included Included
Battery Life 3 hrs 12 hrs
Internal Storage 64GB 64GB
Dew Control Built-in None
Retail Price* $459 $1,599
*Price may be subject to change, so please use the links on this page to check at various retailers

Unistellar eQuinox vs Dwarf II: Verdict

The Dwarf II is for you if you want the most compact and portable smart telescope around, and also have a smaller budget. It is well-loved by its users.

The Unistellar eQuinox is for you if you want a premium smart telescope but don’t want to pay the going rate of $2500+ for something very similar (i.e. the eQuinox 2). It won’t be available forever given that it has been succeeded, so move fast if you want it.

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