Best Space Toys and Gifts for Kids (2023)

As a dad of two, I love to share my passion for all things space and astronomy with my children.

This also means I get to buy them cool space toys and play with them myself!

Below is our list of the best space toys and gifts for kids of different ages and for different budgets.

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Space gifts for children

LEGO DUPLO Space Rocket

Space Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Lego Duplo Space Rocket

Build on your Duplo blocks for your toddler with this cool space rocket.

It is made of hardy plastic and is safe for younger children. It comes with two astronauts, a moon buggy, and other pieces to build around the shuttle.

The rocket opens up for passengers inside and fits perfectly with other duplo.

Suitable Age: 2+

Here We Are Book

Space Book for Kids

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers is a fantastic book that works for children of many ages.

Initially, you can read it to your newborn (the author wrote it to his newborn in his first few months).

Then, as they get older, they can enjoy the colorful and detailed pictures of people, animals, and landscapes. And as they get older still they can learn to read the words themselves.

It’s a very positive message about celebrating the diversity of species and culture around the world and respecting the planet. It’s really one of my all-time favorite books to read with my kids.

For more like this, see the Best Astronomy Books.

Suitable Age: Newborn+

Space Rocket Toy

Space Toys for 3-Year-Olds

CP Toys Plastic Space Mission Rocket Ship with 5 Figures and Realistic Sounds / 7 pc. Set

This is a great space toy for 3-year-olds and above.

It’s a nice big rocket ship made of plastic that comes with five figures, including astronauts and aliens.

Suitable Age: 3+

Peppa Pig in Space Book

Space Book for 3-Year-Olds

peppa pig in space book for kids

Peppa in Space is a great book for toddlers who like Peppa Pig.

As you’d expect, the illustrations are colorful and of high quality. The story is positive about learning about space and science for all genders whilst being light-hearted and fun.

Suitable Age: 3+

LEGO Mars Research Shuttle

Space Toys for 5-Year-Olds

LEGO space rocket

LEGO sells some of the best kids’ space toys that you can buy.

We’ve picked out this Mars research shuttle as I think it’s cool and good value for money.

This set is suitable for children of 5 years and above (the small parts make it a choking hazard for children younger than that).

There are loads of great rocket and space products from LEGO available – see here for some more options.

Suitable Age: 5+

Orion Funscope Telescope

Astronomy Telescope for Kids

Orion 10033 FunScope 76mm TableTop Reflector Telescope Moon Kit (Blue)

If you are after a child’s first telescope, then check out the Orion Funscope telescope.

It is a tabletop telescope, and so is relatively small and portable, as well as being easy to use.

You’ll be able to see the moon clearly, as well as planets like Saturn with a bit of work.

It is not a toy though and so would be suitable for a teenager to use alone or a younger child with supervision (obviously, you know your kids best).

A colo thing to do would be to buy a cheap smartphone adapter so that you can take pictures of what you see through the telescope. This can be great for memories and you could even print the images of what you see and put them up on your child’s walls.

If you’d like some more information about how to select a telescope for a child and more options, see our article on the best telescopes for kids.

Suitable Age: 12+

Wooden Rocket Construction Toy Set

Wooden Space for 3-Year-Olds

wooden Rocket Construction Toy Set

This is a set of 18 wooden pieces that can be made into three rocket ships.

It’s a great space toy for a younger kid (3+ years) as it is both an educational puzzle and a rocket toy.

The wooden construction is also slightly classier looking than some bright plastic toys and it boasts that it is sustainable as it is made from renewable rubber tree wood.

Suitable Age: 3+

Xtronaut 2.0 Board Game

Solar System Board Game for Kids

Xtronaut 2.0: The Game of Solar System Exploration

Xtronaut is a board game for 2 to 6 players and is suitable for children of ages seven and above.

The concept of the game revolves around designing and planning a mission into space and all the challenges associated with it – from physics to budgets.

It’s a great way of having fun whilst stimulating interest in science and space exploration.

For more ideas like this, check out the Best Space-Themed Board Games.

Suitable Age: 7+

Space Posters Set

Astronomy Decor for Child’s Bedroom or Nursery

Kids Nursery Bedroom Space Posters

If you are looking for something inspirational to decorate your kid’s room with then this set of nine cool posters might fit the bill.

They are playful pictures of  8 x 10 inches and can be framed or just put up as posters.

For more ideas like this, see the best space posters and best astronomy calendars.

Suitable Age: any

Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

Space Decor for Kids

Glow in The Dark Stars for Kids Bedroom Decoration

This is something that I’ve done in my kid’s room – put up stars on the ceiling.

It’s a cheap and easy way to add a nice touch and you can turn the lights off and look at the glowing stars together.

Suitable Age: Any

Solar System Mobile

Solar System Toy

Planets Mobile - Hanging Solar System Mobile

This is a great science gift for kids. It is something that a space-loving parent can buy as a nice way to stimulate your child into an interest in astronomy.

The toy planets of the Solar System rotate in order and hang above your child’s cot. It can also just hang in a kid’s bedroom as they get older and appreciate its meaning more.

There are cheaper options to be found but this is a high-quality model that will last.

Suitable Age: Any

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space

Space Books for 5-Year-Olds

National Geographic Kids First Big Book of Space

A great educational book for young kids to start getting them in space.

It’s relatively text-heavy and so more for childer of pre-school ages and above,

Suitable Age: 5+

Kids Astronomy Backpack

Space Bag for Kids

Space Backpack

Send your space-loving child off to school with this cool backpack.

It features images of astronauts and is fun but also practical for carrying all the necessary items.

Suitable Age: 6+

Solar System Playmat

Space Toys for Toddlers

planets playmat

This hardy and fun mat for your child to play on features the planets of the solar system. Perfect for a playroom or bedroom.

Like virtually all of the ideas on this page, it is gender-neutral.

The size is 3 feet 3 inches by 4 feet 7 inches.

Suitable Age: Any

Star Projector Nightlight

Space Nightlight for Kids

Moredig Kids Night Light, Night Light Projector 360 Degree Rotating Light Projector with 8 Color Light Change for Kid Baby - Blue Night Light

This is something that I love and is a great sensory experience for babies and kids.

It projects a starry sky scene onto the walls and ceiling of your bedroom or nursery. It’s great fun to do with your kid in their room and you can feel their sense of awe at looking around at the display.

It’s a kind of nightlight combined with a home planetarium, but can also be used as a regular nightlight without the starry lights.

Suitable Age: Any

Astronomy Binoculars for Kids

Astronomy Gift for Kids

celestron cometron kids Binoculars 7x50

Astronomy binoculars make a great alternative to a telescope. They are a bit easier to just grab and go, and use in the backyard or take on trips.

This pair from Celestron is perfect for beginners. They are light and the price is relatively cheap.

They are perfect for going out and trying to view a meteor shower, to look at a full moon, or search for other sights. For other binoculars, see our article on the best astronomy binoculars.

Suitable Age: 12+

Moon Wall Light

Moon in your Room

moon night light

An alternative nightlight is this ‘Moon In My Room’ light that you attach to your wall.

It can be lit according to the different phases of the moon (full moon, crescent, etc.) and so is educational too.

Suitable Age: Any

Space Play Tent

Space Toys for Toddlers

Astronaut Kids Play Tent

A great outdoor space toy for toddlers and above. It’s a 3-piece playhouse decorated with images of astronauts, the planets and a rocket ship.

Recommended for 6-months and above, it’s just under ten feet long.

Suitable Age: 6 months+

Solar System Floor Puzzle

Space Toys for 3-Years-Olds

kids space jigsaw puzzle

This is a giant jigsaw puzzle with 48 pieces featuring the planets of the solar system from Melisa & Doug, who are known for making quality kids’ toys.

Aimed at children 3 to 6 years old. It’s 36 by 24 inches in size.

Suitable Age: 3+

Giant Inflatable Solar System

Solar System Toys for 3-Year-Olds

Inflatable Solar System planets

Another educational solar system toy that would make a great gift.

This one has a kit of 8 different inflatable planets and can be used for games in the house, backyard or classroom.

Suitable Age: 3+

Outer Space Sensory Bin

Space Toys for 3-Year-Olds

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Outer Space - Preschool Sensory Space Toys for Kids

Great for toddlers to experiment with and explore different textures, this sensory bin is filled with space-themed figures for them to find and pick out.

Suitable Age: 3+

Little Experimenter Children’s Telescope

Best Toy Telescope

Little Experimenter Telescope for Kids – Children Telescope + Projector and 24 Space Images, Including Educational Activity Book – Great Educational and Space Toy for Kids

This is a toy telescope that doubles as a wall projector.

It is not really a usable astronomy telescope (see the Orion Funscope above for that) but it will introduce a younger child to the concept of looking at the sky with a telescope.

It also projects images of planets and spaceships onto walls and comes with an educational book.

Suitable Age: 3+

Outer Space Sensory Teething Square

Space-Themed Toys for Babies

Outer Space Rockets Baby Paper Sensory Crinkle Me & Teething Square Taggy Lovey Toy with Closed Ribbon Tags Enhances Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development 8 X 8 Inch (Outer Space)

When babies are little these sensory toys with lots to explore and fiddle with are perfect.

This is space-themed and includes parts to chew on for those teething little ones.

Suitable Age: Newborn

Wooden Rocket Ring Stacker

Space Toys for 1-Year-Olds

Manhattan Toy Stacker Rocket Baby and Toddler 7 Piece Magnetic Wooden Stacking Toy Set

When babies are little these sensory toys with lots to explore and fiddle with are perfect.

This is space-themed and includes parts to chew on for those teething little ones.

Suitable Age: Newborn

Over to you

I hope you have found something that works for you on this list to help your search.

Please share in the comment section below if you have any other good recommendations as I’ll be looking out for good ideas for myself and others.

For more guides like this, check out our Astronomy Gifts and Sales hub.

Anthony Robinson is the owner of Skies & Scopes and has been practicing and writing obsessively about astrophotography and astronomy since 2017. He has written for Amateur Astrophotography and Dark Sky Travels magazines and has been featured or quoted in Forbes, Yahoo!Life, Digital Camera World, Peta Pixel, and many other publications.


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