Top 10 Scary Space Facts!

Space is a vast and scary place that’s almost too big for our brains to comprehend.

While we like to think of it as a mysterious and exciting thing, the reality is that space is pretty scary.

Here are ten space facts that will blow your mind and creep you out:


1. Skin peels off your feet in orbit

That’s right, astronauts in orbit will start to see pieces of their feet peel away after a few months.

Most people have calluses on their feet, and they fall away because you don’t really use the bottom of your feet in a weightless environment.


2. The sky will turn black eventually

As the universe expands, galaxies merge with one another.

When our galaxy (The Milky Way) eventually merges with others, we will no longer see these other galaxies.

They’re pulled apart faster than the speed of light, making them invisible. As a result, we’re left with complete darkness in the sky – no stars, nothing!


3. Meteors can hit earth at any time

Meteors are chunks of matter from outer space, and they can hit our planet at any given time.

You can see meteor showers in the sky, but they’re usually far away.

If one hits, it can cause devastating destruction for the whole planet – just ask the dinosaurs.


4. Dark Flow is sucking away galaxies

Huge portions of galaxies are being sucked away by something called Dark Flow.

Nobody knows what this is, but clusters of galaxies are seen moving to the same patch of sky, then disappearing.


5. The sun will destroy the earth

In about 7.5 billion years, our sun will kill everything on earth.

Eventually, it will run out of nuclear fuel, making it expand into a red giant.

Here, the sheer size of the sun will obliterate planet earth. Then, the sun will happily cool down into a peaceful white dwarf while the earth is no more.


6. Astronauts drink their own sweat and urine

The human body is made up of 60% water, so we need to keep drinking this fluid to survive.

In space, there aren’t really any water sources. So, astronauts have to use contraptions that recycle their sweat and urine to make it drinkable.

In total, 730 liters of sweat and urine are consumed to stay alive for one year in space!


7. Space travel changes human DNA

Mike and Scott Kelly were twin astronauts who shared many physical similarities.

However, after a year in space, Scott was now two inches taller than his brother and had a variety of other physical differences.

Scientists concluded that the stresses of space travel can change biological pathways in cells, altering your DNA. Creepy.


8. There’s a huge black hole flying around space

Black holes are the scariest part of space – these entities will swallow everything they come across!

As of right now, there’s a huge black hole that weighs more than 1 billion suns flying through space at 5 million miles per hour.

Currently, it’s part of a separate galaxy. But, at some point, it will break free and wreak havoc upon the universe.


9. A solar storm nearly blasted earth in 2012

Solar storms are explosions in space, which are followed by x-rays and extreme UV radiation.

One of these nearly hit earth in 2012, which would have caused mass blackouts and worldwide panic.


10. The universe could blow up one day

The Big Rip theory suggests that the universe will one day get too big.

As it expands beyond measure, there will be a ‘rip’ that essentially leads to a mass explosion that destroys the universe.


What’s your scary space fact?

Space is both incredible and terrifying. All these facts are pretty scary, but the scariest thing of all is that we have almost no idea of knowing what else is out there.

So much of the universe is undiscovered, so who knows what’s lurking beyond our galaxy.

Got a creepier space fact?! Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t remember who said it but I will never forget what they said !! “We are alone in the universe or we are not ;both of which is very scary “ think about that for a minute !!


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