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20 11, 2019

Black Friday Telescope & Camera Deals 2019 [Updated]

2019-11-20T17:08:10+00:00November 20th, 2019|

The Black Friday 2019 holiday sales are now live. This is the time that the biggest bargains of the year are offered by many major retailers. Below we have selected the deals now available for telescopes, cameras, and astronomy binoculars and camera lenses and we will keep this page updated throughout the sales.   1. Black Friday [...]

8 11, 2019

Best camera for astrophotography [2019]

2019-11-14T14:14:19+00:00November 8th, 2019|

In this article, we assess and recommend the best cameras for astrophotography in 2019. As part of this website's astrophotography masters series, we have asked some of the world's best night sky photographers what cameras they use and their recommendations are included here. See below for details and an explanation of what you should look for [...]

1 11, 2019

Best astronomy binoculars [2019]

2019-11-02T17:48:23+00:00November 1st, 2019|

Astronomy binoculars make for a great alternative to telescopes. They are generally smaller, more portable, easier to use and cheaper. Below are a number of great models for stargazing, from cheaper beginners options, to more advanced pairs that will cost more but open up greater viewing opportunities. 1. Best binoculars for astronomy - comparison table [...]

30 10, 2019

Cyber Monday Telescope & Camera deals [2019]

2019-11-11T14:02:33+00:00October 30th, 2019|

Cyber Monday has been around for more than ten years now. It provides a great opportunity to get a bargain new telescope, binoculars, camera or other astrophotography or astronomy equipment.   1. When is Cyber Monday 2019? This year, Cyber Monday will fall on 2 December 2019. It is always the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and [...]

20 10, 2019

Best telescopes for beginners (2019)

2019-10-20T16:07:24+00:00October 20th, 2019|

With hundreds to choose from it can be hard to work out the best telescope to buy. For any beginner, we recommend the Celestron Nexstar 4SE telescope as a perfect choice If you're looking for something more advanced, check out the Celestron Nexstar Evolution 9.25" See below for some great alternatives for beginners, and intermediate to [...]

31 08, 2019

Refractor vs Reflector telescopes: what is best?

2019-09-23T14:38:38+00:00August 31st, 2019|

One of the first questions when considering a telescope is what is best: refractor vs reflector. Although this is the most common debate, there are actually 3 main types of telescope: Refractor telescopes Reflector telescopes Catadioptric telescopes Below we consider the pros and cons of each and recommend what telescope type is best for a beginner. [...]

24 08, 2019

Best star tracker for DSLR (iOptron vs Sky-Watcher vs Vixen)

2019-08-25T13:40:14+00:00August 24th, 2019|

Star trackers for DSLR cameras are a fantastic and relatively inexpensive way to improve your astrophotography. Star tracker camera mounts slowly move your camera at the speed of the rotation of the Earth. This allows you to have longer exposures and capture more light without blurring or star trails. The best star tracker for astrophotography that [...]

13 08, 2019

What equipment do you need for astrophotography? [Infographic]

2019-08-13T15:16:15+00:00August 13th, 2019|

  For those interested in getting started with astrophotography, it can be quite daunting working out what equipment you need. The infographic above lays out the key equipment you will need to shoot different types of astrophotography. See below for more details and follow the links for in-depth guides on the different pieces of equipment. [...]

7 08, 2019

What is an astro modified DSLR camera? (and how to get one)

2019-08-24T08:55:47+00:00August 7th, 2019|

Ever heard people talk about using an “astro modified" DSLR camera to improve their astrophotography? See here for example, from a post on reddit: You might have heard other terms thrown around like “full-spectrum camera conversion” or “IR modified camera”. But what does it mean, how does it affect astrophotography, and how to get an astro [...]

3 08, 2019

Best telescope for kids (5 great options in 2019)

2019-08-25T13:40:52+00:00August 3rd, 2019|

The best telescope for kids will be easy to set up, easy to use, durable and - most of all - fun! A telescope can make a great present for a child. It can stimulate interest in the sciences and the wider world and also give a parent something they can do as a family. We [...]

20 07, 2019

What is the best astrophotography mount? [2019]

2019-07-21T09:52:41+00:00July 20th, 2019|

The mount is one of the most important pieces of equipment for astrophotography. It allows your camera and telescope (or lens) to move with the rotation of the Earth and track the objects you are photographing for much longer periods. This means you can gather more light and create better astro images. We recommend the Celestron [...]

15 07, 2019

Amazon Prime Day 2019 [best camera & telescope deals]

2019-11-11T14:04:23+00:00July 15th, 2019|

Amazon Prime Day is now live - running over 15 and 16 July 2019! It provides a great opportunity to get a bargain new camera or other photography or astronomy equipment. How it works is that you have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of many of the sales. The sales are then [...]

5 07, 2019

Best telescope for astrophotography (2019)

2019-09-23T14:42:22+00:00July 5th, 2019|

There are two ways to get the best telescope for astrophotography for you. Firstly, you can buy an all-in-one bundle that gives you a telescope and mount together. This is perfect for beginners who want to get into astrophotography with the minimum of fuss. We recommend the Celestron Advanced VX 8" SCT telescope as a great [...]

18 01, 2019

Best camera tripod [Top 5 in 2019]

2019-08-25T13:42:06+00:00January 18th, 2019|

For astrophotography, it is absolutely essential to have a sturdy camera tripod. Most importantly, you need to be able to rely on it for complete stillness as you take those long-exposure shots of the night sky, but there are also other factors to consider. Below we provide an overview of what you need to consider and [...]

18 01, 2019

Best lens for astrophotography [Top 5 for 2019]

2019-09-23T14:48:46+00:00January 18th, 2019|

What is the best lens for astrophotography? In this article, we analyze and recommend five of the most popular wide-angle lenses for night sky photography in 2019. To help truly find the best equipment with proven success, as part of our astrophotography masters series, we have asked some of the best photographers in the world what astrophotography lenses [...]

7 11, 2018

The death of the Nikon D810A (and the specialist astrophotography DSLR?)

2019-08-25T13:44:01+00:00November 7th, 2018|

.The Nikon D810A was the most advanced in a limited range of DSLRs optimized for astrophotography by Nikon and Canon over the past decade. But has the D810A been discontinued and are DSLRs optimized for astrophotography a thing of the past? 1. What are specialist astrophotography DSLRs? Specialist astrophotography DSLRs are optimized for deep sky astrophotography [...]

5 10, 2018

Best computerized telescope [2019 buying guide]

2019-08-25T13:44:28+00:00October 5th, 2018|

Computerized telescopes can be fantastic for beginners or experienced stargazers alike. With a computerized telescope, a computer is in-built into the telescope and locates the planets, galaxies and other objects that you want to see for you. This contrasts to a regular telescope where you need to locate the objects manually. Computerized telescopes (also known as [...]

17 09, 2018

Interview with TolgaAstro – the astro equipment retailer

2019-11-07T08:17:22+00:00September 17th, 2018|

Buying astrophotography equipment can be a challenging process. It can be hard to work out exactly what is best for you and there's a risk of spending a lot of money on equipment that isn't quite right for you. In this article, we talk to Tolga of TolgaAstro - a company selling astrophotography equipment run by [...]

25 01, 2018

Celestron Nexstar: which model to buy? [Reviewing the SE & SLT range]

2019-08-25T13:46:05+00:00January 25th, 2018|

The Celestron Nexstar range of computerized telescopes are some of the most popular on the market for being some of the highest quality and best value for money. There are eight telescopes in the range - four in the SE category, and four in the SLT category. Below we break down the differences and analyze what [...]